My name is Naushy and I am The Conservative Gamer. This website is a vehicle to drive Four of my favorite things in life: Video Games, Political Philosophy, Economics, and Video Games...Alright I admit it, video games is on there twice because they are worth two for me. If you like Video games and Liberty, than this is the place for you. The goal is to talk about Video Games, how video games is connected to politics and economics, and to give information on both. You can watch me stream games Here. The stream schedule is below and you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for information on special events and giveaways. We hope to build a large community of gamers and people who love liberty as much as they love games. There are people everywhere who think they know whats best for you, but there is only one person who does.....hint, you know that person. Below will be all of my affiliates. I personally use all of my affiliates and would never ask someone to try something that I don't use myself.
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