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Welcome to The Conservative Gamer! The place where there is a synthesis of Gaming and Politics. I am very glad you are here to enjoy this ride with me. I will do my best to enlighten as many as possible and to entertain with Games and other fun stuff. I am going to make this site a hub for information and game tips and tricks of all kinds.

The Politics

To be upfront, I will never not make my bias known. It is easy to explain my point of view. I believe in Providential words in the Declaration of Independence. I am a big fan of the Founders and many Enlightenment thinkers like Montesquieu, Smith and Locke. I call myself a Conservative libertarian.

The Conservative Gamer

Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations and the more important, Theory of Moral Sentiments

As a Conservative Gamer I am among the few. People of my generation and the generation that follows are mysteriously enchanted by socialism and Marxism. It is a strange thing to hear someone complain about wanting to be free from regulation while simultaneously cry out for more government control. It is as if they think that because the government does it, it is somehow benevolent. I have met a few people who closely espouse the same principles and some of those I have helped myself. I hope everyone can have an open mind and take an honest look at your own beliefs.

The Gaming

The Gaming part of this site is focused on awesome video and tabletop games. I will have news and opinion on many games of all kinds.

Also, I will have YouTube videos for:

  • Gameplays
  • Lets Play
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Other Fun Videos

I love all types of games both video and board games. The Conservative Gamer YouTube will have many fun videos and tips to help you decide to buy a game or what to do in that particular game. I will also make sure to provide you with big Gaming news that I find. 

The Conservative Gamer

From the great new game Tom Clancy’s The Division by Ubisoft

Many who believe the same as I, generally think that there are not many conservative gamers. However, I know there are a lot out there. Most keep to themselves because the hatred and wrath will fall onto them if some find out what they believe. This ruins the multiplayer experience of games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends. I am not afraid of this anymore and want to share with others.

I hope you join me in playing games, sharing political thoughts, and enjoying the journey!


-Naushy The Conservative Gamer

About the Author

I am a Conservative libertarian gamer who is inspired in sharing games and political philosophy with others. I have a side love of economics and politics.

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