The Benefits Gaming Has On Your Brain

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Series of researchers on the benefits gaming has on your brain, show that playing the video games, especially MMOs, has tremendous benefits on cognitive reasoning and helps the players build some basic life impacting skills.

According to American Journal of Play, 2014; summarizing research article by Adam Eichenbaum and other demonstrating benefits of gaming on basic mental processes like perception, memory, decision making, focus, and attention, show that gaming helps the player improve tremendously in real life skills and vital cognitive areas.

Gaming! The scary six letter word is giving different people different perceptions. Whether physical or digital, gaming brings controversy among people. But when discussing gaming, we need to understand individual commenter will contribute according to their background and understanding. And, this is why this article is more an eye opener, aimed at encouraging individual’s to open their minds on the subject.

Gaming is good for the brain

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Different studies on gaming have sufficiently proved gamers gain quite a lot playing games, especially in vital areas of your lives. Because playing requires rapid movement in keeping track of items and events simultaneously and keep hold lots of information off-hand at the same time and make a split second decision among other abilities you need to build, which profoundly impact intelligence.

If you are reading this article with prejudice for gaming, you might not catch the gist, but opening your minds allows the points to fester and you can then make the appropriate plan for gaming.

Gaming is life! How? The answer is simple; gaming touches on the reality of life situation developed as a game to teach players, unconsciously, the awakening of vital areas of human cognitive reasoning to make far-reaching life decisions in real life.

Benefits Gaming Has

What follows are summaries of benefits gaming has on your brain from established researchers on the impacts of gaming on players. Although you may not notice this yourself or in the gamer, but they are there. However, if the occasion presents to ignite these potential abilities, individuals would be amazed how they come through. Let’s consider a few gains of gaming as space permits:

Why Gaming is good

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  • Risk Assessment

    No venture, no success. Playing MMOs often brings you in situations to make in-game life and death decisions about issues which convey enormous responsibilities either in business or politics. Yes, it is a game, but the effect of your decision has a real life feeling.


  • Decision Making

    Taking risks also tells you to think fast, and gaming with such demands make you smart in the long run, making your brain become active and beyond limits to break the code of success.

Why Gaming is good for your brain

When you walk outside the next day and decide to leave it up

  • Tolerance

    Life coaches in personal development have for umpteen times emphasizes the importance of understanding to succeed. Gaming builds your tolerance faculties, gives you the ability to manage your agitation. If you must win, you must develop perseverance, an essential tonic for tolerance.


  • Dexterity

    I know, this is the easy one. You need skills to win in a gaming situation, and these are skills useful for everyday living outside gaming. Don’t forget life in its self is like a game and learning that fact early in life gives you the edge.

Benefits gaming has

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  • Confidence and Determination

    Gaming is a simulation of real life situation. Building survival skills is a part of it because every gamer, once you are on the console, you assume it’s real!


However, if you worry about the time you spend gaming; find a way to balance it. Everything requires balancing, which essentially gives you control in whatever you do. Challenge yourself to develop a game plan for your gaming. (…LAN Party anyone!?)

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